Sports Tent

A sports event tent provides the perfect environment outdoors to practice and compete, with all the amenities of an indoor facility.

With a fabric building, natural light is easily let in, saving money on the need for expensive lighting costs during daylight hours. The fabric is designed to keep UV rays out, while still providing a well-lit, comfortable environment for both athletes and audiences. The tent is engineered with a clear span design to provide design flexibility in order to maximize the indoor space. The fabric cover protects the court of field from the weather, reducing ongoing maintenance expenses. The sports tent can be utilized all year round, no matter what the weather is, keeping occupants dry and comfortable.

  • Sport fabric building
  • Container shelter with front and back panel
  • PVC fabric storage shelter
  • Customized size and color storage tent
  • Dome trussed frame storage tent
  • Double trussed steel tubes storage building
  • Fire-retardant storage marquee tent
  • Garden play storage canopy
  • High strength waterproof storage tent
  • High strength waterproof storage tent
  • Outdoor carport warehouse awning
  • Waterproof beautiful appearance canopy

Different Applications:
Tennis or basketball court
Hockey arena
Equipment storage
Soccer and field hockey complex
Playground sunshade

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