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Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot Water Pressure Washer
Why Choose a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

You’ll want to make sure you choose a hot water pressure washer or industrial power washer if the surface you are cleaning contains any type of grease, grime or oil. Just like doing your dishes, cold water only moves oil around, but doesn't clean it away. Our hot water pressure washers are heated with diesel and they are designed to blast away tough grease & grime.

  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Equipment and machinery cleaning
  • Workshop cleaning
  • Cleaning outdoor areas
  • Service station cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Cleaning of sport facilities
  • Cleaning in production processes
  • Cleaning production systems
  • Powered by diesel
  • Diesel tank capacity: 22L
  • Water temperature regulation range: 50-90℃
  • Powered by gasoline
  • Gasoline tank capacity: 6.5L
  • Engine manufacturer: Lifan Industry(Group)Co., Ltd.
  • Engine service life: 5 years
  • Pressure regulation range: 50-250Bar/Mpa
  • N.W.:185kg
  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 1020*750*1020mm
  • *Recommended maximum duration of use: 5 hours/day
  • Automatic switch-off of motor and pump when the trigger gun is closed.
  • High-pressure trigger gun with zero holding force for fatigue-free operation
  • Robust, long-lasting quick-release lock
  • High-pressure hose with rotatable connectors
  • Power nozzle
  • Pressure switch control
  • Dry running protection
  • Certificate number: JCLGS-3892gm-011
  • Certificate type: certificate of conformity with the clean air act
  • United states environmental protection agency 2018 model year

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