About Xinli

When it comes to the right choice for fabric buildings, event tents, military tents and other shelters, Xinli is a world leader in the design, production and exportation of these tents. Our shelters are waterproof, fire resistant, and manufactured with a UV resistance, allowing these outdoor metal and fabric shelters to be used in nearly any industry. Whether you need extra workspace for your company, a boat canopy/cover, or even a place to hold an outdoor event, we are a top choice among customers both at home and abroad. Customized sizes, professional solution and technical assistance are all provided, helping us meet specific client requirements, and ensuring we can provide exactly what they need. Read More

Selection by Application
    1. Fabric Building These fabric buildings are known for their industrial strength, high performance, low cost, long service life and corrosion resistant performance.
    1. Container Dome Shelter Container shelters are ideal for storage, temporary buildings, mining and construction, workshop or factory floor space, corrosive material storage such as fertilizers, or chemicals, equipment and machinery storage, market gardens and nursery consumables, vehicle storage, train storage, and mechanical workshops.
    1. Salt and Sand Storage Building The salt and sand storage building has all the properties of an ideal salt and sand storage facility. They are tough and stable, able to withstand the worst of winter’s weather and allowing road safety crews to get the job done without delays.
    1. Refugee Shelter In the event of a disaster, a shelter for refugees is among the items in the first line of defense to ensure survival. We supply refugee tents for emergency shelters that are known for their high quality performance and affordable prices.
    1. Livestock Housing Steady growth and good health in cattle is the backbone of numerous farms and ranches. These livestock housing structures provide livestock with plenty of natural light, fresh air and space, keeping cattle comfortable and stress free.
    1. Fabric Aircraft Hangar These structures can be used as aircraft hangars, aircraft repair facilities, helicopter workshops, ultralight hangars, and light hangars. These fabric shelters and aircraft hangars protect planes, helicopters and other aerial equipment.
    1. Fabric Carport and Garage These carports provide ideal outdoor storage for cars, trucks and trailers. Create an attractive facility for your customers to protect their vehicles when not in use. These tarp buildings and shelters are a cost effective shelter that are easy to construct and take up less space than a traditional garage space, making them invaluable to businesses with limited space.
    1. Dog Kennel Often, letting your dog remain outside when no one is home is not a feasible option, but leaving them inside or attached to a chain is just as detrimental. A dog kennel provides a large, comfortable space for your dog to remain while you’re away, and choosing the right dog kennel ensures both owner peace of mind and the dog’s comfort.
Fabric Buildings by Model

About Suihe Group

Xinli, as a subsidiary of Suihe Group, specializes in the design and manufacture of outdoor shelters. Suihe Group is briefly introduced as below:
Committed to safety, quality and service, Suihe Group is a trusted partner, a preferred manufacturer and a reliable supplier for customers throughout North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe and Africa.
Suihe Group operates over 2000,000 square feet of quality-controlled manufacturing facilities across China mainland.
Suihe Group has 6 divisions of fabric storage shelters, tool chests and cabinets, portable house and washrooms, off road caravans, skid steer attachments, fences, gates and other metal products.
Since 1996, Suihe Group has provided customers with sustainable, innovative and durable different solutions designed to improve operating productivity in the most challenging conditions.
We give people and products the opportunity to perform at their best.