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Kerosene / Diesel Forced Heater

Kerosene / Diesel Forced Heater
Why Choose a Kerosene / Diesel Forced Heater?

The portable diesel heater (also called diesel space heater) is an effective and fast heating device. It can provide a comfortable and warm working environment in the cold winter. As a professional diesel heater manufacturer, we sell heaters of various specifications to meet the needs of various places.

Kerosene/Diesel Forced Heater

Our kerosene/diesel forced heater sets the industry standard, and all products come with the latest in safety technology, as well as our rigorously tested cold-start system. In addition to kerosene, this multi-fuel heater is also CE certified to run on #1 and #2 diesel fuel.
This portable forced air propane heater features electronic ignition, variable heat settings, and state-of-the-art safety features. It’s a great solution for construction sites, workshops, garages, warehouses, and barns. It even runs on various types of jet fuels.

  • Power on-off switch
  • Built-in thermostat with digital temperature readout and LED diagnostics
  • Easy-lift handle
  • Automatic safety shut-off system
  • Extension cord wrap
  • Limited warranty: 1 year for parts
  • CE certified to operate on Kerosene, Diesel 1&2.
Power 20kW 30kW 50kW 60kW
Model XDFT-20 XDFT-30 XDFT-50 XDFT-60
Power supply 220-240V-50Hz 220-240V-50Hz 220-240V-50Hz 220-240V-50Hz
Output 17200Kcal/h 25800Kcal/h 43000Kcal/h 60200Kcal/h
Output 69000Btu/h 105000Btu/h 170600Btu/h 238840Btu/h
Motor power 250W 250W 340W 430W
Air displacement 595m3/h 720m3/h 1100m3/h 1300m3/h
Heated area 100-200m2 200-300m2 300-400m2 500-600m2
Fuel consumption 1.7kg/h 2.5kg/h 4.0kg/h 5.8kg/h
Fuel tank capacity 19L 38L 56L 69L
Product size 850*350*340mm 970*385*370mm 1140*415*415mm 1310*430*430mm
Packing size 950*400*420mm 1070*435*450mm 1240*465*495mm 1410*480*510mm
N.W. 16.2kg 22.0kg 30kg 39.5kg
G.W. 18.5kg 24.5kg 32.5kg 42kg

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