Salt and Sand Storage Building

The salt and sand storage building has all the properties of an ideal salt and sand storage facility. They are tough and stable, able to withstand the worst of winter’s weather and allowing road safety crews to get the job done without delays. Available in a wide range of fabric choices and sizes, arrangements can also be made to accommodate individual needs.

  • Made In China industrial tent
  • Wholesales price hot sale tent
  • Heavy duty work place shelter tent
  • High quality flow shop tent
  • Dome material storage tent
  • Fire retardant workshop shed
  • Outdoor industrial big tent
  • Canvas roof cover work building
  • Double trussed steel tubes shelter

The salt and sand storage facilities protect the large stock of sand and salt from the elements, which reduces the risk of lumping and clogging in the salt and sand spreading trucks, ensuring performance of road crews is not impeded during critical times.

Corrosion Resistant
The fabric covers will not rust. These fabric buildings extend the service life of a building, and the steel truss systems are all post welding hot dip galvanized for premium rust protection.

Lighter and Brighter
The translucent nature of the fabric building covers allow for a great daylight transfer to the interior of the building. Each cover evenly spreads the light to prevent shadows and provide a well lit and easy viewing experience. Most users have said they have not needed to turn on the lights during daylight hours. During the night, when artificial lighting is used, the white underside of the fabric cover reflects and distributes light so fewer light fixtures are needed.

Quicker to Install
From foundation to finish, the pavilion fabric building installation is typically measured in weeks, rather than months. Some models and sizes, such as the quick construct series, can be erected in a matter of days. As the storage facilities are pre-engineered, the building components are modular and designed to get your business or building up in running without costly construction time.

Warmer in Winter
The same way that a metal building radiates heat from the outside in, this building will quickly dissipate cold air.

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