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Workshop Tent and Equipment Storage

Our warehouse storage tents are portable, quick to set up, and economic solutions for agricultural needs, industrial needs and commercial needs for facility warehousing. Because of the unique clear span design, the shelter/tent offers users the maximum space at the lowest possible cost, helping customers remain within their budgets. The workshop facility serves a variety of needs on farms (grain and hay storage, machinery repair and maintenance areas) and industrial areas (equipment storage, cargo warehousing, temporary workshop, oil, gas mining exploration shelters). The PVC canvas is UV resistant, fire resistant and allows light to permeate through it, protecting your property and materials from UV light, dust, rain, snow and other harsh elements. The easy to assemble structure takes less than 10 people and a forklift, and can be assembled in 5-10 hours. If you are looking for a trusted source for your investment, our line of warehouse and workshop fabric buildings are a sensible and profitable choice.

  • Outdoor industrial big tent
  • Double trussed steel tubes shelter
  • Canvas roof cover work building
  • High quality flow shop tent
  • Dome material storage tent
  • Fire retardant workshop shed
  • Wholesales price hot sale tent
  • Made In China industrial tent
  • Heavy duty work place shelter tent

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