Fabric Building

These fabric buildings are known for their industrial strength, high performance, low cost, long service life and corrosion resistant performance.
These fabric shelters can be used in multiple ways while still being used as a fabric building foundation. Parts, equipment and supplies can be stored in them, or they can also be used as a workshop or office.

  • Dome trussed frame storage tent
  • Good quality grain mine storage tent
  • Double trussed steel tubes storage building
  • Fire-retardant storage marquee tent
  • Hot sale steel frame canopy tent
  • Outdoor carport warehouse awning
  • Garden play storage canopy
  • Waterproof beautiful appearance canopy
  • Livestock cattle hay storage tent
  • 20 foot container shelter
  • 40 foot span container canopy
  • Windproof UV-resistant large tent
  • High strength waterproof storage tent
  • Customized size and color storage tent
  • PVC fabric storage shelter

Fabric buildings are widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial industries. Their clear span width makes them ideal for warehousing, manufacturing, salt storage, grain and fertilizer storage, equipment storage, riding arenas, livestock shed, aircraft hangars and recreational facilities. These buildings can be customized to incorporate colors, ventilation, interior layouts, door and end wall options, foundations and space requirements to meet your needs.

material storage, warehousing, protecting valuable equipment, expanding workplace and more.

Why Choose Us?
We are a world class leader with more than 20 years of experience in the design production and exportation of various shelters.
These products are waterproof, wind resistant, fire resistant, and UV-resistant, allowing them to be used in a wide range of industries.
We provide each fabric building in customized sizes with professional solutions and technical support, according to customer requirements.

1. Easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to move and store
2. The lack of an interior pole in the structure design allows users to use 100% of the interior space.
3. Heavy duty and stable structure
4. CSA, TUV and SGS certified
5. Factory price: We are factory, so we can provide the most reasonable and competitive price
6. Service life and guarantee: the service life of the steel frame is 10 years, and the PVC fabric is more than 5 years.
7. Fast delivery period: We try to deliver all models quickly.

Following is a list of our regular model products. Please click the model number to be linked to the corresponding product for more detailed information.