Party and Wedding Tent

Make your event special and one to remember!

Our high quality party and wedding tents come in a variety of selection types to ensure your event has that personal feel that is sure to be remembered for years to come. Shelter your guests from the weather with our beautiful pole tents or frame tents, available in a variety of sizes to suit individual requirements.

  • Special pattern high quality canopy
  • China supplier party tent
  • Large party tent frame
  • High quality wedding tent
  • Waterproof outdoor wedding marque
  • Top roof double trussed frame tent

1. Clear span party tent: There is no central pole, which means the entirety of the event tent’s interior can be utilized, and there are no ground tie ropes on the exterior to trip over.
2. Installation on any surface: The tent can be erected on hard surfaces including sand, gravel and concrete. This is because the tent can be secured to the ground using weights instead of pegs, though pegs are highly advised to use for long term usage and areas known for high winds.
3. Installation nearly anywhere: With no need for ropes, the party tent can fit into small gardens, rooftop terraces, courtyards and other limited spaces, making maximum use out of your space.
4. Winter stability: The wedding tent can withstand high wind speeds and large weights of snow, which makes them practical even in the winter.
5. Safety: The outer cover is made of a flame resistant PVC, and is UV stabilized for long term usage.
6. Flexible space usage: The frames can be adjusted to cover larger areas, fit into L-shaped gardens or adjusted to accommodate different event locations.

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