Dome and Container Shelter

Container shelters are ideal for storage, temporary buildings, mining and construction, workshop or factory floor space, corrosive material storage such as fertilizers, or chemicals, equipment and machinery storage, market gardens and nursery consumables, vehicle storage, train storage, and mechanical workshops. The dome shaped container shelter protects the interior from both sun and rain, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • 40 foot span container canopy
  • 20ft container shelter
  • Good quality grain mine storage tent
  • Galvanized steel frame PVC Container Shelter
  • Package
  • Large span shelter
  • 8m width dome tent
  • Portable dome shelter
  • Waterproof container shelter
Low cost shipment and assembly
Easy to construct without building license
Transportable models available
Low radiant heating
Variety of attractive colors
No beams for roosting birds
Tensile Membrane
Can be built to stand alone or built on containers, walls or posts.

Dome and container shelters can be used for material storage, valuable equipment protection and workspace expansion.

Listed below are our regular models. Please click the model number and follow the link to the corresponding product for more detailed information.