Aircraft Hangars

These structures can be used as aircraft hangars, aircraft repair facilities, helicopter workshops, ultralight hangars, and light hangars. These fabric shelters and aircraft hangars protect planes, helicopters and other aerial equipment. They range in size from 30-100 feet and wider, suiting nearly any size of aircraft. Our aircraft structures are high quality, feature a high performance and are cost effective, built to IBC codes. We provide outstanding aircraft shelters for helicopters, planes, portable hangars, and maintenance and repair structures. They are also used as shade providers, air cargo storage facilities, terminal structures, airport garages, airport repair facilities, temporary airport support and military aircraft structures.

  • Dome hangar tent
  • Steel frame hangar tent
  • PVC material airplane tent
  • Large span hangar tent
  • New design hangar shelter
  • Modern steel structure hangar

The hangar tents feature a number of optional accessories for different functions, including a film insulated roof cover, insulated sandwich panel walls, large flexible lifting doors, colored steel walls, LED lights, working doors, rolling doors, flooring systems, rain gutters, fire protection systems, ventilation systems and more.

Listed below are our regular model products. Please click on a specific model and follow the link to the corresponding product for more detailed information.