Livestock Housing

Steady growth and good health in cattle is the backbone of numerous farms and ranches. These livestock housing structures provide livestock with plenty of natural light, fresh air and space, keeping cattle comfortable and stress free. Increase the feeding efficiency and benefits of your livestock’s environment with this shelter, providing a controlled, natural environment.

  • Livestock cattle hay storage tent
  • Horse shelter livestock house
  • 4m width cattle tent
  • Horse stall
  • Windproof UV-resistant large tent
  • Horse domestic animal raising shed
  • Horse equipment
  • Poultry sheds
  • Horse shelter

Natural Environment
The brightly lit, fresh environment of the clear span hoop barn contributes to stress reduction in cattle, making it easier to handle them. The unique translucent properties of the fabric covers allow natural light to penetrate while still creating a naturally bright interior. Even on hot summer days, the cattle shelter will provide shade, reducing the risk of heat stress.

Excellent Ventilation and Air Quality
Achieve a superior air quality and ventilation performance with the addition of ridge vents, which help reduce incidents leading to respiratory diseases by providing continuous air movement.

Lower Operation Costs
The natural environment contributes to the growth and productivity of your cattle, while lowering costs for electricity usage. These cattle shelters are also virtually maintenance free, saving money and increasing your bottom line.

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