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Raw Material Plant
Steel pipes

Our steel pipes are purchased and processed in accordance with strict national standards for Q215 steel. These pipes feature a high plasticity, toughness, welding and high strength, as well as an excellent pressure processing performance.
Q215: Young's modulus=206,000MPa, Poisson's ratio=0.3


The tarpaulin features an excellent stretch and flame resistant, waterproof, strong and UV resistant performance.

PVC fabric: Young's modulus=640MPa, Poisson's ratio=0.4

Raw Material Plant

The steel pipes are cut into the desired dimension based on drawings.

Pipe bending
After cutting is complete, the pipes are bent to the required shape as specified by the drawings.

Here, by stamping flat tubes, connecting accessories, and nails, we process the steel pipes into the workpieces. Stamping and pressing treatment is done in one step.

Drilling treatment is done to drill holes into parts that are too difficult to process via stamping.

Steel pipes or workpieces that have been processed in the previous steps will be welded together to form the tent frame, beam and other core parts.

Tent frame cleaning
Plant II
Raw material cutting

Heat sealing
Heat sealing used for splicing spare parts.

Parts that are too difficult to splice using heat sealing are manually sewn.

Inspection and Packaging
Our inspectors will check the accessories and main parts produced in the frame or tarpaulin plant, then pack qualified parts.

Xinli shelter welcomes clients from all over the world, and looks forward to working with them. Shown below are just a few of our respectable customers.

Clients from Russia
Budge Industries, an original car cover company in America, chose us after visiting our factory